Who Am I

Hello friends, I’m John Brown and I welcome you to Marikos Interactive blog where you can read everything about digital marketing.

I have run many promotional campaigns for different types’ firms. I have served everyone, who has approached me for his company’s marketing requirements. I write and publish blogs by myself. I share everything I learn about marketing and I’m sure you may have found something interesting in my blogs and therefore you want to know who I am and how do I work.

Digital marketing has equalized the opportunities of gaining more customers and earning a huge profit for all sized businesses. Today, anyone can hire an experienced digital marketer and ask him to promote the business. Things were never the same before a decade. Television media and print media, were two powerful promotional platforms. Big companies used to publish ads in the newspapers and hoardings to promote their products. These companies used to hire some big advertisers for producing and running advertisements on the televisions. The scopes of growth were quite low for the small and medium sized businesses.

The internet had offered some effective ways of growth to small businesses. That’s how digital marketing came into existence and helped thousands of small companies in experiencing a quick growth. I was passionate about digital marketing since it was a new marketing technique. I found it quite amazing because I could work at home and earn a huge profit by promoting small companies, restaurants and stores online.

How did I start?

I was never a guy, who used to spend free time by chatting on the internet. I was a guy, who wanted to do something different and learn something useful from the internet. I had checked many blogs regarding digital marketing and found it quite an interesting thing to try. So, I have learned all the online marketing techniques and started working as a freelance marketer. The demands for top-quality marketers were quite high before a few years and the demands are still high. I have always delivered the best results by running a marketing campaign. That’s why I have gotten many jobs to promote business, products, services and companies.

What does my blog contain?

I’m not only an expert digital market, but I also write blogs and articles for some great magazines. This is my personal blog, which I had created to share anything I find beneficial for the readers. Of course, the search for the best online marketing techniques is yet not over, at-least for me. Social media, websites and blogs, there are many types’ sites on the internet where we can promote to generate more leads for the clients. I try different things and share those things on my blog, if successfully apply something new for my clients.

My blog is a collection of write-ups, which inform new marketing ideas. I hope that you can also find something interesting and useful in my write-ups, which can offer you some ways of doing better. Do not feel afraid to try new marketing ideas. Some of my ideas can be game changing for you and your business.