9 Reasons Why Businesses Must Choose Online Marketing for Better Growth in Singapore

In today’s competitive world, ignoring digital marketing is like starting up a business but not telling the world. Each and every corner of the globe is in the run of going digital and so is the same in Singapore. Online marketing in Singapore is flourishing almost every fraction of a second. All business owners whether a novice or experienced are busy hiring the digital marketing agency in Singapore to snatch the first position. But, it is essential to hire a perfect agency or else your business growth will diminish instead of reaching the top.

Online marketing actually enable all businesses to develop. There are various reasons for which company entrepreneurs prefer such marketing strategies instead of the traditional ones. Before gathering knowledge about the reasons, have a look at few facts related to Singapore. It will help you understand why online marketing in Singapore is the best means of reaching people in this island- city of southern Malaysia.


  • Singapore’s total population is 5.26 million.
  • Rate of unemployment is really low, nearly 2%.
  • Top 25 percent of employed people earn over $100,000 per annum.
  • The highest percentage of internet using people is in Singapore. More than 81% people are on the internet. This percentage accelerated by 10% from 2013-2014.
  • The world’s best 4G mobile internet coverage is here. More than 99% of Singapore has Long Term Evolution (LTE) coverage. The average speed experienced by mobile users while on the streets is 38Mb/s. Even, this is known to be the fastest in the entire world.
  • Approximately 90% inhabitants of Singapore use Google and the remaining 10% prefer another popular search engine, Yahoo.
  • Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram are some of the favorite social media platforms of Singapore’s citizens. Based on relevant surveys, Facebook has 3.5 million (MAUs) monthly active users in Singapore and LinkedIn has 1.8 million members.

Don’t you think Singapore is a perfect place for growing business with the help of digital marketing? Being online is the key to success for companies who are willing to reach a maximum number of consumers.

‘Internet is an accelerating fuel that helps both small and medium businesses to grow.’

Here is a short list of the major reasons that will help you understand that using digital marketing for your business’s development is not only an efficient marketing channel but also a wise investment choice.

9 reasons why businesses in Singapore must choose online marketing to grow:

1. Cost- effective-

One of the major factors why Singapore business owners opt for digital marketing other than traditional form of marketing is cost-effectiveness. All businesses are not large enough to invest a huge amount of money in the very beginning. Digital marketing offers small business owners a better as well as a budget-friendly marketing channel.

According to surveys, nearly 40% entrepreneurs claimed that they receive considerable savings just by utilizing the promotional methods of digital marketing for promoting their services.

2. Chance to expand-

By choosing online marketing, medium and small businesses are not deprived of the chance of competing with other businesses. Even if you have little capitalization and resources, you will be able to attract maximum number of targeted traffic.

Small companies of Singapore possess the resources required for performing marketing and sales process because of online marketing. Previously, such resources were only available to the large corporations.

3. Delivers conversion-

How do businesses measure their online marketing success rate? They do so by measuring the incoming traffic percentage that gets converted to leads, subscribers and sales. The digital marketers prioritize on conversion optimization, content marketing and social media marketing.

‘If content is fire, then social media is gasoline.’ Publishing engaging contents is one of the most effective methods of developing your business online.

4. Assists to gain better revenue-

By following the marketing techniques provided by the agencies, the conversion rate will surely be high. This in turn will give you loads of money- making benefits. You will also be able to generate higher revenues for your business.

In accordance to trust- worthy sources, the companies that are following such planning of digital marketing possess 2.8 times growth expectancy for better revenue. Even old enterprises are merging their existing strategies of marketing with the updated one provided by the best digital marketing agency in Singapore. Why are they doing so? Just to occupy an accelerating and productive online marketplace.

5. Communicate with target audience-

Online marketing is the perfect mode of interacting with your target consumers. Companies will be able to provide their customers engagement points. By doing so, it becomes easier to understand the needs of targeted audiences.

Effective communication is beneficial in increasing customer satisfaction and retention, precise targeting, driving in more revenue by personalized offers, etc. Positive feedback from the consumers is advantageous for understanding the marketing efficiency.

6. Helps mobile consumers-

Mobile phone has become an alternative for personal computers and laptops. Reports state that almost 91% of adults always keep this particular gadget within their reaching distance. So, reaching a maximum number of people is convenient if the businesses opt for online marketing in Singapore.

7. Earn the trust of people-

A recent report states that approximately 90% of people responding to the service or product of company trust information only if it comes from social media platforms. Hence, it is easier to gain people’s trust with online marketing tools.

8. Engages people for taking favorable action-

Digital marketers can accelerate your business by using innovative and clever ways for attracting consumers. Call-to-action is an effective way to increase conversion rate. It specifies the steps that web visitors must follow like sign up, like, download, call, buy.

9. Get higher likes-

Many people are still available who think that social media is not an important part of online marketing campaign. But, the truth is the more ‘tweets’ or ‘Facebook likes’ a company gets, it will grow more as well as build credibility and trust with customers. It helps in fetching traffic to the website too. One can use such platforms to inform people about new products, various discounts, etc.

So, digital marketing enables companies to use proven techniques and strategies which have the potential to attract maximum targeted traffic with positive conversion results. In the same manner, digital marketing in Singapore ensures your business to survive.